Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

history of Image-Screens

  • 15 years of excellence

    Since 1999 Image-Screens offers some of the world's finest screens, made in Germany. Since the origin CEO "Michael Liesenfeld" had a serious motorcycle accident, Image-Screens got struggling and needed a new management.

    That's were we join the game - our CEO "Lars Mette" knows both Michael as well as his company. His decision to take over Image Screens is built on a deep conviction to the product's quality and competitive ability, as well as a matter of social commitment.

    Re-continuing from January 2014, Image-Screens are beeing built in the same facility, with the same engineers like before. Nevertheless, many things have been improved, compared to the past.

    One of first things you will notice, when contacting you local dealer is the new product range, which is much more easy to understand while still empowering you to choose from a variety of options at reasonable prices.

focussing the core strenghts

Especially in the last couple of years, Michael tried to establish many different products: Image was producing not only its own screens, where the company got famous for, they were also developing own furniture, speakers and even projectors. In the future, Image Screens will go back to its roots - and better then ever before!! The reason is quite simple: we will completely focus on high-end frame screens, where we will put a lot of efforts in terms of research & development in.

  • perfect combination

    In the past 10 years Takeoff Media had two main business areas:

    • Hifi journalism
    • custom install home cinemas

    The experiences we gathered in those areas are enriching our daily business as a screen manufacturer a lot. We do as well know the competitors and the needs of the customers very well, as we will prospectively continue all three business areas.

    Our products will benefit from this situation in many ways:

    • higher product quality, based on "true life" development
    • very good price/performance ratio, due to our efficient structure
    • you can get everything home-theatre related from one source

Support for existing Image-screens and former customers

Although Takeoff Media GmbH did not get the claims when taking over Image-Screens, we are trying to find solutions and give support for former Image-Screens customers. We are looking forward to a promising future with Image-Screens (international brand) and Hollywood-Screens (German and Austrian new national brand) to help making home-theatres all around the world even better. We welcome you to get known with our company, to share our commitment and passion for quality, that are empowering every single screen manufactured by us :-)