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...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

silent-drive motor

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    Although our precision-drive motor already is a remarkable piece of high-tech, we searched for an even better motor for our high-end screen series.

    Of course this was by far a very difficult task, since we wanted the new "high-end" motor to be almost unhearable, while having the same precision (compared to our precision-drive unit) without any compromise in terms of realiability.

    We are glad to finally developed a special gear for our masking-systems, whose motors are absolutely state-of-the-art in every aspect!! Our "silent-drive" solution, based on a special high-end motor from high-end manufacturer "Lutron", runs extremely smooth, is almost unhearable, delivers a perfect precision, is very strong and allows multiple control options. It is the perfect choice for luxury home theatre, as it delivers an uncomparable smooth masking.


    • extremely high-end construction
    • fast masking Speed with soft-brake
    • high-precision masking
    • almost unhearable
    • 5 years of warranty