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...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

maximum-black technology

  • black is beautiful

    The frame of a projection screen is a very important element, since its geometry and surface property affects the picture quality in two ways:

    • typically, a projection is slighty oversized to fill the screen completely, since most lenses don't deliver a perfect geometry. For that reason you need a frame which is able to absorb as most light as possible.
    • the human sense to feel/see contrast is extremely affected by the direct-bordering surroundings of the picture. That's why making is that essential to get a perfect quality.

    In both cases, you need the frame as light absorptive and black as possible, to get best results. For that reason almost every competitor uses black velours vinyls on their frames, which is a fair and reasonable solution.

    Our unique "maximum-black" technology takes the next step: during a complex handcrafted procedure, our technicians coat your screen with several layers of black velvet, to improve blackness and light absorption to the Maximum - that's why this technique is called "maximum-black".


    • significantly higher light absorption compared to common velours
    • improves the sharpness on the projection's edges
    • your eye will sense more contrast while watching movies
    • exklusive touch, feel and visual characteristics
    • 100% coverage on edges/excellent craftsmenship
    • superior long-term durability