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...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

masking system

  • perfect movie experience@home

    Big Motion Pictures Comes are mostly produced either in 16:9 or 21:9 aspect Ratio. Anyhow, the actual delivered Screen size will most probably differ slightly: due to a variety of production Workflows regarding shooting AND editing, there are differences within widescreen productions. Typically the aspect ratios which are effectively beeing brought to your screen will be around 2,30 to 2,40:1.

    In big "real" cinemas, those slight aberrations are nothing, anyone really worries a lot about, since the content is often beeing projected with an overscan. Since the audience sits quite far away from the screen, only few People even notice this procedure. 

    Well, theoretically you can also do this at home with your very own screen, but very demanding movie enthusiasts don't want to miss any line of their favorite pictures. This is, where masking systems become an interesting solution, since they allow their owners to adjust the visible screen size and aspect ratio perfectly to nearly any content.

  • masking is not the same as masking.

    Apart from mechanical or manual masking systems, and whether they come as 2 or 4 way masking - a really good maskable frame screen characterizes itself by many hidden properties. Those details separates screens with a fair Quality, from outstanding products, like ours.

    To meet our very own demands, all maskable Image-Screens are equipped with these features:

    • maximum light-absorbing masking bars, coated with black Velvet
    • stepless adjustments for all masking systems to fit all aspect ratios
    • high precision and durable motors (iMasque Family)
    • 1-Finger Manual comfort mechanics (cadre² reference)
    • rigid, resonance free maskings bars for straight picture edges
    • tight-fitting masking-bars in front of the fabric for best masking effect
    • high-end mechanics with an included 5-year warranty