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...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

NIVO grey

  • black level optimized fabric

    NIVO Grey is favourably used in rooms within light-dimmed Environments such as living rooms or seminar rooms.

    The combination of gain factor 0.8 and the grey colored surface results in lower light effiency, while improving the black/Grey performance.

    Therefore NIVO grey is mostly used in homecinemas which owners prefer to have an astonishing performance in dark picture areas, rather than getting the most possible luminance out of the projection.

    Due to its highfine surface, NIVO Grey furthermore offers an excellent flatness and is perfectly suited for any 4K+ or 3D applications.

  • technical details

    Please consider our screen-guide in our purchasing advice category, which helps you to find the best fitting screen for you by comparing all our fabrics within a clearly arranged sheet.

    • not acoustic-transparent
    • for front/upprojection
    • Material: PVC - Strength 0,4mm incl. black backcoating
    • frontconstitution: grey face with highfine structure
    • gain factor: 0,8 - minimal reduction for better black
    • perspective: 150 degree - wide projection range
    • maximum possible seamless screen size:: 536cm (21:9) or 426cm (16:9)

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