Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


  • simply the best - for video AND audio

    BS65K is an outstanding acoustic transparent fabric, we developed in the past years. Many People consider it to be the best acoustic transparent fabric on the market - including many professional users!

    While almost any other acoustic transparent fabric either lack in picture or sound quality, the BS65K delivs pristine sharp Images (up to 4K and above), colourtrue projections and full soundtransparency, which does not need any reequalisation!

    Due to the screen's excellent characterics, it quickly became very popular among many post production studios worldwide - especially in Hollywood, where many Motion pictures actually are mastered on. Most of these studios choose our exclusive BS65K fabric, because BS65K enables them to do post-production for audio and Video in ONE high-end studio, rather than having to use specialized rooms for that.

    For any customer who demands a perfect combination of acoustic transpareny and picture quality yet - there simply is no other choice.

  • technical details

    Please consider our screen-guide in our purchasing advice category, which helps you to find the best fitting screen for you by comparing all our fabrics within a clearly arranged sheet.

    • acoustic-transparent
    • for front/upprojection
    • Material: fibreglass mesh - strength 0,65mm
    • frontconstitution: White face with highfine structure
    • gain factor: 1,0 - Maximum neutrality
    • perspective: 160 degree - broad projection range
    • maximum possible seamless screen size:: 700cm (21:9) or 533cm (16:9)

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