Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


  • Reduce to the max

    We are following a consequent strategy when it comes to fabrics: only the best is good enough to become a part of our 2nd-gen. Image-Screens!

    Therefore we decided when we took over the company Image Screens (despite the large stocks) to only take the top-fabrics into the new models.

    We also will refrain from surchanrging fabrics (Exception: special 3D fabrics for professional use). Even the black-blacking in acoustic transparent screens is always going to be inclusive.

    This is how you can chose the best Screen for your home cinema. We supply post-production studios in Hollywood and all of our products are suited for 4K+3D and support the extended colour range.

important note:

Despite the fact that our Screens compared to products from other distributors are highly colour neutral, we recommend based on the interaction between projector, electronics (Sourceunit), room and screen that you let your local dealer do a colour calibration on site. Only the combination of professional high-end Equipment alongside with a well trained expert ensures a perfect movie experience.

In harmony with humans and nature

All Image-Screen fabrics have been manufactured in reference to European high eco-standards. Health issues like plasticizer, like you sadly find in cheaper products from the fareast, are nothing we want for our customers. Also in terms of flammability you don't have to worry about anything, since all our screens are fulfilling the M1 7201-96 standards and are therefore "hard to inflame". Last but not least, we built your Image-Screen to last a life!

For more questions regarding our screens please do not hesitate to contact us.