Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


  • get your theatre illuminated

    Frame screens are perfect to get equipped with an ambient light upgrade.

    Our Image Screens color-edition option has been developed to meet highest requirements regarding visual appearance and craftsmanship. It is not comparable to cheap glued in LED stripes (you can still do this for your own, if you prefer)

    Here is, what our solution has to offer:

    • selected LED stripes of high quality without any hassles
    • 24V architecture for constant level of brightness
    • rotary extra mini frame (1cm), maximum black coated
    • non interspering - the light just illuminates the wall not the fabric
    • high-grade power supply without cheeping effect and low HF-emission
    • controllable either via Zigbee or RF Remote
    • full RGB with thousands of colors
    • fully adjustable stepless dimming function