Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

comparison: 16:9 vs. 2,40:1

  • different aspect ratios in daily use

    Due to the huge amount of numbers and much theory, even some tech-guys may lose their orientation. To give you some help when choosing the best aspect ratio and screen size for your home cinema, we made this article, based on rendered pictures.

    Each picture is true to scale, based on an Image-Screens iMasque² light with a visible height of 61,4 inches (157cm), which results in a visible width of 110 inches (280cm) at 16:9, and 148 inches (378cm) at 2,40:1.

    Please note, that this article is about aspect ratios and screen size. We dont consider masking-systems here, although we think that every frame screens should be equipped with one.

conclusion: it's a matter of screen height

Well, looking at a screen in 2,40:1 ratio with appr. 1 meter additional Screen width (compared to a smaller 16:9 model) allows a much larger picture, does not really surprise at all. But since both Screens use the same Picture heights, it is remarkable how important the aspect ratio really is, when watching widescreen productions. Compared to a 16:9 frame screen with identical height, the 2,40:1 frame delivers 82 percent more picture, than its TV-shaped relative. Therefore - whenever you have to chance, any cinemativ should go for widescreen frames in his home cinema.

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