Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

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  • quality that prevails itself

    Due to 15-years of cutting-edge products, numerous companies rely on Image-Screen's products, to use them in some of the most demanding surroundings, such as post-production studios, yacht Integration or museums. Even some well know VIPs (actors, sportsman) use Image-Screens for their high-end theatres.

    We are pleased about those commitments and we are pushing everyday to supply our customers with the expected level of product quality, innovation and Service. We want you to become an enthusiastic customer of our German-style company :-)

    The following listing is just a short extraction  of our VIP Installations, since many companies are very sensitive in terms of discretion. Especially regarding post production Studios we could easily name many famous customers, who produced some of the world's most famous movies with Image-Screens.

a short compendium of Image-Screen's customers

  • Digital Arts, New York City (Post-Pro Studio, ie. for NBC, HBO, MTV)
  • Technicolor, New York City (Post-Pro Studio, ie. for CBS, HBO)
  • Legends Studios, Burbank CA (Post-Pro Studio for independend -productions)
  • Postworks Studios, New York City (Post-Pro Studio , specialized for 5.1 Mixing)
  • Louis Vuitton Flagship store in Rom
  • Allianz Arena, Erlebniswelt FC Bayern München (180 Grad Screen)
  • Worldwide Pants (Produktionsstudio of David Letterman)
  • Harpo Media (Produktionsstudio of Oprah Winfrey)
  • Babelsberg Studios Potsdam (for Mastering von "Stauffenberg")
  • Disneyland Hong Kong (several in- und outdoor screens)