Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

Image-Screens iMasque classic

  • smart-buy für demanding movie enthusiasts

    Technically high-class, at the same time very dressed and equipped with an outstanding price-/performance ratio: the iMasque classic particularly benefits from our recent redevelopment and proves itself as a real high-tech product.

    The masking bars are moved gently and ductile by our new rail-based masking system with an outstanding precision, while you can control them with the included remote control.

    The frame consists of a rigid 5 inch aluminum Profile which delights the audience with its alluring appearence and haptics. At the same time, the black velvet coating delivers an outstanding light absorption.

    To ensure an ideal picture, iMasque² light is equipped with our new cross-tension system, which works perfectly in combination with our premium fabrics.

prepared for future's needs

With your own iMasque² light you will look forward to years of sheer movie enjoyment, since your Image screen will be a reliable mate for decades in terms within your home-cinema installation.

Every single fabric we are offering is 4K+ and 3D capable without any compromise. The colorimetry does not only match every actual home-cinema related specifications (like BT.709) it is also compatible to the extended color range. The fabric tension system ensure a long term perfect flat screen surface.

To ensure your dealer will install your iMasque² light properly, we will provide your screen with a detailed video-tutorial, showing a step by step construction procedure. Additionally you will get a five-year warranty!

  • technical details

    • electric 2 way masking (vertical or horizontal)
    • high-rigid 5 inch (127mm) frame
    • "Precision-Drive" Motor
    • custom-built in exactly your size up to 7.65 Yards (7 meter)
    • available in both 16:9 und 2,40:1 ratio
    • frame: "maximum-black" - black velvet coating
    • "linear-Glide" rail-based masking-system
    • new: including comfort remote
    • new: "Cross-Tension" system for perfect fabric surface
    • optional: "Silent-Drive" Motor-Upgrade, extremely quit
    • optional: curved-versions 
    • optional: side covering
    • optional: without any masking system, as pure fixed frame screen