Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

Image-Screens cadre³ reference

  • classic frame screen at its best

    The Image cadre³ reference fixed frame screen is intended to deliver best cinema experience in modern home theatres without using a masking system.

    To ensure a high-performance picture quality, this screen is equipped with our rigid 5inch frame, out new developed variable cross tension system - and of course our famous fabrics.

    Cadre³ reference is offered in dimension of up to 5,5 Meters, which allows big pictures in any home theatre. As on option, you can get your cadre³ reference as curved version in your favorite curvatory!

    And if you feel like having a very special gadget in your home theatre, just add our fully programmable high-end RGB color function, with its non interspering decent light.

prepared for future's needs

With your own cadre³ reference you will look forward to years of sheer movie enjoyment, since your Image screen will be a reliable mate for decades in terms within your home-cinema installation.

Every single fabric we are offering is 4K+ and 3D capable without any compromise. The colorimetry does not only match every actual home-cinema related specifications (like BT.709) it is also compatible to the extended color range. The fabric tension system ensure a long term perfect flat screen surface.

To ensure your dealer will install your cadre² reference properly, we will provide your screen with a detailed video-tutorial, showing a step by step construction procedure. Additionally you will get a five-year warranty!

  • technical details

    • fixed frame screen 
    • 5 inch (127 mm) frame
    • custom-built in exactly your size up to 5.5 Yards (5 meter)
    • available in both 16:9 und 2,40:1 ratio
    • frame: "maximum-black" - black velvet coating
    • optional: side covering
    • optional: curved version, individually curvatory
    • optional: High-End Color-Edition with ambient light