Image-Screens...large screen enjoyment made in Germany


...large screen enjoyment made in Germany

purpose-built solutions for commercial projects and demanding projects

  • we fabricate (almost) whatever you need!

    Our regular product range already meets most of the needs, anyone can ever have, regarding frame based projection screens. Especially when it comes to big sizes, masking systems and acoustically transparent fabrics, our company offers world-leading products at very reasonable Prices.

    Since we do the engineering as well as the manufacturing inhouse, we are also specialized in offering custom-built solutions - in high-class quality.

    Regarding CI screens, we are not only talking about some minor modifications to our existing screens: you will also get complete new solutions, built and designed from the scratch, exactly developed for your application.

    Additionally, you will also benefit from our company's structure, regarding the possibility to offer complete audio/video systems. You don't have to look around for another company, since we also are able to take care of demanding projection-systems, as well as all kinds of acoustic irradiations and automated controls.

simulators, yachts, theme parks - Image-Screens can be found anywhere!

Based on the flexibilty and quality of our individual built Image-Screens, many individual-designed solutions can be found in numerous applications worldwide, especially the following ones:  

  • research & developing  (car manufacturers )
  • race-Teams (simulation and training of their pilots)
  • post production for movie mastering (even in 4K certified studios)
  • puplic viewing (theme parks, museums, public buildings)
  • yachts (space-, wheather and weight optimized solutions)
  • It is not only about hardware

    In our opinion, the best product is not only based on the screen itself: in general we also pay much attention to a high-class attendance regarding communication, realiability and service. We want to deliver state-of-the-art in all terms of business.

    Since we export our screens to 29 countries, we are used to think and work globally. If you need our service on site, we will be there to assist you worldwide, no matter, whether you want us to construct, maintain or to give sales-instructions to your staff.

    brief list of our services and products:

    • CAD-planning of custom solutions
    • building of custom-designed screens
    • complete projection systems for all kinds of applications
    • worldwide construction and support
    • fast and reliable communication 

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