takeoff media...wo Technik zum Erlebnis wird.

takeoff media

...wo Technik zum Erlebnis wird.
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    We are looking forward to your request :-) To ensure, the right contact person gets in touch with you, we would appreciate if you could give us some brief and significant information on the reason of your approach.

    You can also reach us Mondays – Fridays from 10am-6pm
    (Central European Time) on our hotline:

    Tel. +49 6746 80208-0
    Fax +49 6746 80208-203

    Please note: We love and live home cinema out of conviction und give our best to offer you the best possible service. But we don’t offer free individual support on problems with goods from competitors.

    Address headquarters and editorial office:
    Takeoff Media, Lindenstraße 13-1, 74343 Sachsenheim

    Address screen production, distribution centre and subsidiary:
    Takeoff Media, Dorfstraße 3, 56288 Braunshorn 

    To offer best possible consulting, we make personal appointments solely – if required we are pleased to come to your place.

    eMail: info@takeoffmedia.de

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